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Dr. Laurie Brown is the owner and founder of The Mobile Animal Clinic of Eastern Connecticut. Her career in veterinary medicine began in high school, working in the kennels at Cheshire Veterinary Hospital.


Dr. Brown spent a summer in college working at a wildlife park in Washington state. There she had an opportunity to bottle-raise two moose calves.


She worked with primates as part of her senior thesis at the University of Massachusetts, and even spent a rather chilly spring break in the barns of Amherst, where she artificially inseminated cows.


Once she realized there was no part of these experiences she found unappealing, she decided on attending veterinary school. She graduated from the Ohio State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2002.


One month after graduating, Dr. Brown married a graduate student who worked in her local coffee shop. Without him and his caffeine, she never would have made it through veterinary school!


After graduation, Laurie worked in a small clinic in rural Ohio for two years. In 2005 Dr. Brown's husband was deployed to Iraq with the Marine Corps, and she moved back to Connecticut to be close to her family.


Dr. Laurie Brown has been here ever since, and lives with her husband (who still makes a great cup of coffee) their two children, one dog and three cats.


She is excited to bring her creative energy, and twelve years of veterinary experience right to your door!

Ashlee O'Rourke is the veterinary assistant and office manager here at The Mobile Animal Clinic of Eastern Connecticut. She graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1998.


After graduation, Ashlee moved out west to pursue her passion for horses. She worked in Colorado giving riding lessons, and training horses.


Since 2003 Ashlee has been living in Connecticut and working in the veterinary field. She has spent the past 8 years working with Dr. Brown.


Ashlee is the owner of Soapstone Equine, located in Ashford, where she provides private riding lessons and horse training.

Dr. Laurie Brown

Ashlee O'Rourke

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