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Dr. Brown takes an individualized approach to ensure each pet is getting the attention and care needed at the time of their procedure.  She is able to treat one patient at a time and give them her undivided attention.  You can be assured that we are closely observing your pet from the start of their procedure until their recovery.  This is not always possible in larger clinic settings.  By coming directly to your home and treating one patient at a time, we are able to give your pet the best, stress-free experience available.


Procedures are typically scheduled in the morning, Tuesday through Thursday.  We ask that pets be fasted the night before.  Upon arrival, Dr. Brown will do a pre-surgical exam and bloodwork.  If there are any concerns based on the pre-surgical exam or bloodwork, Dr. Brown will discuss these with you before performing the procedure.  During anesthesia, your pet will be monitored by our experienced technical staff.  We utilize equipment that continuously monitors heart rate, EKG, respiratory rate, and oxygenation.


Once the procedure is complete and your pet is waking up from anesthesia, we continue to monitor and comfort them.  The recovery period may take anywhere from one hour to two hours before we feel it is safe for your pet to return back into your home.  Dr. Brown will go over after-care instructions and dispense post-surgical medications, if needed. We will then assist your pet back into your home.  Once back inside, they should be confined for the next several hours by placing them in a crate or small room with no furniture or stairs.


With this one-on-one level of care, many of our clients have observed that recovery time is faster, with less anxiety and discomfort. We also call the next day to make sure your pet is recovering appropriately.  

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